Artist Statement

As a child, I remember being interested by things I couldn’t fathom. I created my own stories by creating images to help me understand and remember the way things were as I saw them.

I have always been interested in the unusualness of the objects that surrounded me, an unusualness that is not commonly seen as beauty. People ( as objects), places, dreams, and memories, grow in beauty as they develop characteristics of time or age, and this progress captures my imagination.

To convey this, I strove to create figures that reveal my own fascinations. I create narratives by exposing the uneasy struggle between this world and the other, somehow similar world of my childhood imaginnings, still keeping the aspect of time integral. Expressive forms of raw textures and torn surfaces create a timeworn, fatigued appearance that make an offering of the validations of age. Surface drawings record my own mental impressions of the form. By working in both two and three dimensions simultaneously, I meld the dimensions and create work that exposes everything that I know I am.